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How To Link Adhaar With PAN ?

Ways to link Aadhaar with PAN Number, how to link aadhar with pan number. link adhaar with PAN Now it is mandatory to link aadhaar number with Permanent Account Number(PAN). People were facing problem while doing this so income tax department has made the procedure very easy.  Now taxpayers can link their aadhaar in a very easy way.  Ways To Link Aadhar With PAN: There are 2 ways to link aadhar with PAN- Ist through Incometax department website Through SMS Now there is no need to login or register in website to link aadhar with PAN. Why It is necessary to Link AAdhaar With PAN: It is to control the financial activities taking place all around. It will help to increase the tax payers in India which will affect positively the economy of our country. Previously PAN was necessary to fill the income tax return but now government has made it mandatory for all to link the aadhar too with PAN number. Steps To Link AAdhar With PAN: 1.Through Incometax website link

How To Make Hair Oils At Home

How to make hair oils at home, process to make herbal and healthy hair oils at home, hair oils for healthy hairs, कैसे बनाए बालो के लिए तेल घर पर.   How To Make Hair Oils At Home It is a fact that now a days too many hair oils are present in market and it is impossible to choose the right hair oil for us. It is also a fact that unknown chemicals are present in hair oils which may create problems in long run. So to over come from any doubt it is better to make hair oils at home which is very easy.  Home made hair oils are not only cheap but are very beneficial for over all hair growth and beauty.  Women suffers very much with hair fall problems, weak hair problems, short hair problems etc. In these cases it is also good to use home made hair oils which are a good way to bring healthy hair. Let’s See How to Prepare Hair Oils At Home: To make hair oils of different types we use coconut oil , mustard oil as a base oil and then mix different things to make needed hair oils

Free Exercises To Maintain Health

Free exercises to maintain healthy, how to maintain healthy life, best ways to enhance energy in mind and body.  Free Exercises To Maintain Health We want energy, zeal, power to perform our work successfully. For this many types of exercises are present which we can use daily. There are many benefits of exercises like as- They gives us flexibility. Exercises help in body detoxification. We can enhance our energy and stamina by doing different exercises.  We can control fat and obesity through different techniques.  It is good for heart health.  We can enhance beauty and smartness by doing exercises.  Let’s Know About Different Techniques To Maintain Health: “BREATHING” is the best exercise, if we breathe in a specific way then no doubt body and mind will get good energy. Inhale through NOSE and fill your lungs , stay for a moment and then exhale slowly. Feel the breathe deeply and soon you will find good change in mind and body.  “CARDIO EXERCISES” are also v

Home Remedies For Dandruff Problem

Home Remedies For Dandruff Problem, डेनड्रफ्फ़ की समस्या का घरेलु समाधान, सुन्दर बालो के लिए घरेलु नुस्खे, how to getrid off dandruff. Home Remedies For Dandruff Problem Dandruff is a very common problem not only in females but in males too. It may be because of dry scalp, dry skin, any allergy etc. Because of dandruff many problems seen in personality like regular itching, not having confidence to come out in society, unable to focus in work, hair fall etc.  So males and females who are facing dandruff problem try to getrid of this regularly, they use different types of shampoos which are made by chemicals and are not good for long time.  So today many companies has launched herbal shampoos which don’t have side effects as per there assurance. But there are many home ways which we can use perfectly to make our hair strong, smooth and dandruff free.  Here in this article we will see some easy ways to make our hair strong and dandruff. PREVENT Hair FALL Let’s see so

History Of Indian Rupees

History of Indian rupees, know about evolution of Indian rupees. hostory of indian rupees History Of Indian Rupees: Every Indian is using rupees but very few know the history of Indian rupees. Here you will come to know the history of Indian rupees. Ancient India, presently modern states of Pakistan and north-western India, was one of the earliest issuers of coins in the world(circa 6th century BC), [1] along with theChinese wen and Lydian Staters. The origin of the word “rupee” is found in the Sanskrit rupya “shaped; stamped, impressed; coin”. The derivative word rupaya[citation needed] was used to denote the coin introduced by Sher Shah Suri during his reign of 1540 to 1545. The original rupaya was a silver coinweighing 175 grains troy (about -11.34 grams) [2].The silver coin remained in use –during the Mughal period as well as in British India. Among the earliest issues of paper rupees were those by the Bank of Hindustan (1770-1832), the General Bank of Bengal and

Are You Cheated By ATM Machine ! Do This

Are You Cheated By ATM Machine?, Where to complaint regarding ATM machine fraud, What to do to resolve ATM Complaints? what to do when ATM create problem In this digital era ATM use is common and with this complaints regarding fraud by ATM is also increasing. Due to technical problem of ATM machine you don't get the amount but it is debited in your bank a/c. In spite of making complaint if your problem is not solved then you can demand for justice and reparation. The problem related to money is called disputed transaction. Let's understand the process to resolve this type of problems: Customer Care Centre: In every ATM counter customer care number is given. Any complaint regarding ATM must be done here initially. If you have not got the needed amount from ATM then do omplaint immediately on the given no. Be careful to save the complaint No and the receipt of ATM which you get at the processing time. Intimate The Bank: Give a written complaint regarding your

Debit Card- Use And Precautions

What is Debit Card, Debit Card- Use and Precautions, Precaution while using ATM,Precautions while doing shopping with Debit Card, Astrologer for analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart for lucky days and muhurth. how to use debit card safely Debit card is now in the pocket of every one in this age of plastic money. But it is better to use it safely and securely. It is given by bank for our comfort but a small mistake will create a big problem in life. Be alert while using Debit card any where like as in ATM, in shopping mall etc. Let's have some knowledge about Debit Card. What is Debit Card? It is a electronic card provided by the bank to the a/c holder to undertake the financial transactions through ATM and to transfer money directly from his a/c electronically. What To Do After Getting The Card From The Bank? When you get debit card from the bank just sign behind the card Keep it in safe and secure place. Don't write the pin of your debit card any whe

Thyroid An Understanding

What is thyroid , symptoms of thyroid disease, how to take care of thyroid, क्या है थाइरोइड, क्या है लक्षण, कैसे देख भाल करे थोयरोइड बीमारी में.  Thyroid An Understanding Thyroid is a gland which is present in our neck. This gland is responsible for very important hormones in body which helps to maintain our metabolism. Whenever this gland is affected by any reason then generate less or more hormones, this state is known as thyroid disease. Let’s See Some Symptoms of Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism disease arise when this hormone not work properly. If this problems is not treated properly in time then person may suffer from cardiac disorder. This type of people faces fast heart beats which is not good for health.  Some people also face depression and tiredness due to hypothyroidism. Pain in joints and muscles also found in patient of hypothyroidism. Since metabolism is affected badly and so weight of person increases very fast which generates various types of prob

Why To Treat Thyroid Soon

Why to treat thyroid as soon as possible? , some symptoms of thyroid problem, precautions to avoid many diseases. क्यों थाइरोइड का इलाज जल्द से जल्द करवाना चाहिए, जानिए कुछ लक्षण, कैसे बचे बीमारियों से.  Why To Treat Thyroid Soon Approx after 40 years it is good to get thyroid checkup time to time because ignorance of thyroid may lead to many other diseases which may result struggling life.  In our body THYROID is a very important gland which generates hormones to live healthy life. These hormones control many important activities in body. But if thyroid gland gets disturbed by anyway then generates many other problems. Let’s See Some Common symptoms Of Thyroid: If thyroid gland is disturbed then many symptoms seen in body like as – Unnecessary fatigue State of confusion always Feeling of cold again and again Regular constipation Dry skin, stiffness in joints Burning sensation More bleeding in menstruation Depression, loss of capacity to bear warmness Distu

Benefits of Running

Benefits of running, how to run for good health, precautions while running, जानिए दौड़ने के फायदे, अच्छी सेहत के लिए कैसे दौड़ना चाहिए, किन बातो का ध्यान रखना चाहिए दौड़ने के समय. Running gives us energy, it is very good for heart health and lungs health, it enhances our stamina and helps to live better. Let’s See Some Advantages of Running As Per Research: Running makes the immune system strong and so we don’t get affected by small environmental changes.  Running also makes the mind strong and so is very good for children, adults, businessmen, workers etc. Research also proved that running help in increasing the bone density. It is also good for blood pressure.  Even running is also good for asthmatic patients because it makes the respiratory organs strong. If any one runs daily in the morning then gradually person feel the changes in his working power.  Running helps to live a happy life.  Running also help to control the sugar level in body.  Running also help to

Symptoms Of Some Diseases

Symptoms of some diseases, Importance of organs, How to recognise diseases through symptoms, कैसे जाने बीमारी के बारे में लक्षणों से, बीमारियाँ और उनकी पहचान. symptoms of diseases No disease arise at-once and if we detect the diseases at initial stage then it is easy to treat it without to much expenses and harassment. The main problem with us is that we don’t know about the initial symptoms and so avoid them which in long run become major health problems. So in this article we will see some symptoms of diseases which will definitely help us to take step in right time. Let’s See Some Importance and Symptoms of Liver Disease: This is very important organ of body which help to digest food, give energy to body. It has power to develop itself. If liver is affected by any reason then many other problems may arise in body. Symptoms of Weak Liver- Pain in stomach may seen in patient. Weight loss regularly may also seen in patient of liver problem. Dark urine also seen. S

RERA ACT For Properties

What is RERA ACT For Properties, Rules and regulation of RERA, Benefits of RERA to Public, क्या है रेरा एक्ट, क्या फायदे होंगे घर खरीदने वालो को इससे.  What is RERA ACt RERA means “Real Estate Regulatory Authority”; this act is passed to regulate the Real Estate Sector. Since most fraud is done in property sector and public pays everytime. Now because of this act public will get many benefits or we can say that buyer will get many powers which will definitely help the buyer. Let’s See Some Important Things About this RERA Act For Builders: Now builder has to put 70% of the amount taken from buyers in bank and builder is bound to use this amount in construction of building and related work. Due to this builders are not able to use the fund for other projects. But builder can use this amount in project works. Due to this every home buyer can get there home, flat etc on time.  If builder sell any unregistered project to anyone then there is provision of penalty. RERA has l

Sampatti Kar Ke Saath Kaun Kaun Sa Kar Leti Hai Nagar Nigam

संपत्तिकर के साथ कौन से कर लिए जाते हैं जानिए.  संपत्तिकर के साथ कौन से कर लिए जाते हैं जानिए.  जनता हर साल संपत्ति कर अदा करती है परन्तु संपत्ति कर के साथ उन्हें और भी बहुत से कर देना होता है जिसकी जानकारी साधारण जनता को नहीं होती है.  जानिए हम कौन कौन से कर अदा करते हैं और अगली बार जब आप कर भरने जाएँ तो अपने अस्सेस्मेंट को जरुर देखे , फिर ये भी देखे की क्या सरकार हमसे लिए जाने वाले कर के बदले पूरी सुविधाएं दे रही है. निम्न करो की जानकारी हमे अस्सेस्मेंट या रसीद में मिलेगी – संपत्ति कर अति. समेकित कर  नगरीय विकास कर उपकार अधिभार शुल्क शिक्षा उपकर उपभोक्ता प्रभार शुल्क  इसके अलावा अगर पिछला बकाया हो तो उसकी जानकारी भी अलग से रहेगी.  इतने कर जनता से लिए जाते हैं पर विकास के नाम पर मनमानी ही चलती है. नोट : शहर, गाँव, तहसील के आधार पर करो में कुछ बदलाव भी मौजूद होते हैं, अपने एरिया के हिसाब से अपने कर की रसीद को जरुर देखे और जरुरी सवाल जरुर करे. जागरूक होइए और अपने अधिकार के लिए लड़िये, अगर कर देते हैं तो सुविधाएं भी मांगिये. कुछ समस्या जो जनता को होती है :