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PanchKroshi Yatra In Ujjain

Panchkroshi yatra is a very special spiritual journey which held once in a year, In this yatra devotees travel 118 kilometer through feet. In very hot day when we don't want to spend a moment without cooler, Airconditioner, cold water, devotees walk to earn virtue.
significance of panchcroshi in ujjain, halts/padaw in panchkroshi yatra in ujjain,
panchcroshi in ujjain
In panchcroshi yatra devotees take blessings of 4 Mahadev which are from 84 mahadev in Ujjain. It is believed that this Parikrama of Ujjain is very auspicious and free people from sins so devotees from different places take part in this panchkroshi yatra.

4 Main Mahadev Temple In Pachkroshi Yatra:

  1. Pingleswar in East.
  2. Kayawrohaneshwar in South.
  3. Bilkeshwar Mahadev in West
  4. Durdeshwar Mahadev in North.
People do this panchkroshi yatra with there family members, friends, colleagues etc. Even we can also see children enjoying this panchcroshi yatra. Laksh of people take part in this spiritual journey. 
Some Important Highlights Of This Panchkroshi Yatra of Ujjain:
  1. This journey or parikrama is of approx 118 kilometer.
  2. Special worship, rituals, prayers are done in 4 Mahadev mandir in Ujjain during this panchkroshi yatra.
  3. This Yatra takes 6 days to complete. 
  4. Devotees start this panchcroshi yatra by taking power blessings from nagchandreshwar just behind the harsiddhi temple in Ujjain. 
  5. There are 7 halts which are known as Padaw, here people take rest. 
  6. This yatra ends on the bank of river kshipra.
  7. Halts In Panchkroshi Yatra:
  8. Halts means Padaw, here people take rest during there journey. People who are not able to take part in journey arrange camps of food, shelter, medicines so that devotees may not get any problem. 

Let's see the seven halts in panchkroshi yatra-
significance of panchcroshi in ujjain, halts/padaw in panchkroshi yatra in ujjain

  • First halt/padaw is at PINGLESHWAR, it is 12 kilometer from nagchandreshwar.
  • Second halt/padaw is at KAYAWROHANESHWAR, it is 23 kilometer from pingleshwar.
  • Third padaw/halt is at  NALWA, This is up padaw and is approx 21 kilometer from kayawrohaneshwar.
  • Forth padaw or halt is at BILKESHWAR which is 8 kilometer from nalwa. 
  • Fifth padaw or halt is KALIADEHMAHAL which is 21 kilometer from bilkwashwar mahadev. 
  • Sixth halt or padaw is DURDRESHWAR which is 12 kilometer from kaliadehmahal.
  • Seventh halt is at UNDASA which is 16 kilometer from durdreshwar.
  • Panchkroshi yatra will finish at river kshipra bank which is approx 12 kilometer from undasa. 
So take part in panchkroshi yatra in ujjain and enjoy the nature, sacredness, blessings. 
Happy Panchkroshi Yatra

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