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Goa Place For Pleasure and Masti

Where is Goa, history of goa, things to know about GOA, How To Reach Goa?, Visiting places in Goa, festivals in goa

Where is Goa, history of goa, things to know about GOA, How To Reach Goa?, Visting places in goa, festivals in goa
Goa guide
If you are in a search for a place to spend your vacation, your honeymoon, your moments with friends and family, then yes GOA is one of the best place to visit. 
Goa, A place for masti, a place for pleasure, a place to enjoy every moment. 
A paradise in the bank of ARABIAN SEA rich in beauty, greenery, water sports.

Many people called goa with different names like as -

"Garden of shepherds"
"Goa Daurada"
"Golden Goa"
"Pearl fo the orientRoma do Oriente"
"Rome of the East" etc
Goa is a place where we can find people of different castes, creeds, religions living in complete harmony. 
If you want to enjoy Sun, Sea and sand at one place then ofcourse Goa is one of the best place for you. 
It is a paradise for the nature lovers and water sports loving people.

Not only beaches of Goa are famous but also there are other visiting places which attract the visitors from all around the world like -
  • Ancient Forts
  • Mansions
  • Churches
  • Temples
  • Tombs
  • Casinos
  • Local Market
  • Local Wine
  • Goan Life Style
  • Goan Music
  • Goan Sea food
  • Goan festivals 
  • Natural Springs
  • Goa Cashew Feni
The forest of goa is a safe home for many types of birds and animals. 

Let's Know About Seasons In Goa:

  1. From October To March is peak season and we can see lots of tourist in Goa in this period.
  2. Monsoon Season from June to September is said to be the "Off Season" in GOA from the point of view of tourist. 
  3. October to January is the festival season and every one can enjoy Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas, New yeaand the Feast of the Magi.
So if there is no limit of money to spend money and if you want to enjoy dance, music, festivals in Goa then October to March is best for you.
If you want to spend your time peacefully in less budget then it is good to visit in Off Season.

How To Reach Goa?

There are 3 ways to reach goa without any problem. 
  1. Goa By Rail - There are 2 major raiway stations of Goa state Ist is Margao or Madgao and 2nd is Vasco-da-Gama. These 2 stations are connected by rail with Mumbai, Delhi, Nagda, Indore, Ahmdabad, Thiruvananthapuram, kochi, Chennai, Mangalore etc. 
  2. Goa By Road - There are 4 national highways which is connected with Goa 1) NH.66, 2) NH 4A, 3) NH3.66 AND 4) NH566 
  3. Goa By Air - It is very easy to arrive Goa by air because there is International Airport in Dabolim which is near Vasco-da-Gama about 30 kilometer from capital of Goa i.e. Panjim.

This airport is connected with most major cities lke Chennai, Delhi, Kochi, Pune, Bangaluru, Mumbai etc. 
So if you want to visit Goa then don't worry, book your ticket as per your convinience and budget.

Let's Know Some History Of GOA:

Goa has great mythological importance. It is believed that saint PARSHURAM who was incarnation of lord vishnu created the konkan coastline by pushing the sea backward with his divine arrow. 
PERNEM is the the village where parshuram settled along with 96 brahmins families earlier.
Goa was ruled by Mauryas in 3rd century B.C. It was under the CHALUKAYAS of Badami from 580 to 750 A.D. The general of Sultan Alauddin Khilji of Delhi occupied Goa in 1312. 
Vasco da Gama has discoverd route to India in 1498 and reached to Goa after that portuguese expetitions came to India. 
In 1510, Afonso de Albuquerque captured Goa and ruled for next 451 years.

Let's Know Some Earlier Name Of Goa:

So Goa is a paradise near Arabian sea in India, it is one of the centre for water sports in india, Goa is one of the best honeymoon spot in India, It is one of the best place to spend holidays with Masti, fun.

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Where is Goa, history of goa, things to know about GOA, How To Reach Goa?, Visting places in goa, festivals in goa

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