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Visiting Places in GOA

Visiting places in GOA, Places Of Attraction Near By GOA, Ways to enjoy GOA

In the previous article "Goa place for pleasure and masti" we have read about Where is Goa, history of goa, things to know about GOA, How To Reach Goa?, Visiting places in Goa, festivals in goa.

Now in this article we will see what are the important places in Goa to visit. If you are going to plan a trip to goa then this article is definitely helpful for you. If you have already visited goa then also this article will clear which places have you left and next time you can visit that places too.

Goa is for children
Goa is for adolescents
Goa is for adults
Goa is for senior citizens
Goa has something for everyone and so don't deprive yourselves from the masti and pleasure in goa.

Following Are Important Places Of Goa:
Old Goa

Ways of Transport In Goa:
Since goa is a tourist place and so many facili…

Jal Mahotsav At HANUMANTIYA, Madhya Pradesh

Jal mahotsav at Hanumantiya, Madhya praesh, India, water festival at hanuwantiya near khandwa, Madhya Pradesh tourism Island hanumantiya for water sports and adventure, जल महोत्सव हनुमंतिया टापू पर, मध्य प्रदेश टूरिज्म द्वारा बनाया गया नया टापू जहाँ ले सकते हैं जल क्रीड़ा का मजा, साहसिक खेलो का मजा. Approx 130 kilometre from Indore , there is an unforgettable spot for picnic, for vacation, for water sports, for adventure sports , yes ! the name of this place is HANUMANTIYA. Both elders and children can enjoy there every moments here. Hanumantiya is an ISLAND, which is developed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department and special arrangements are done for tourists so that everyone can enjoy there time here.

This island is developed on Narmada backwaters which give a different type of experience to visitors.

There is a plan to celebrate JAL MAHOTSAV every year and just like last year , in this year 2016 too Madhya Pradesh tourism department is celebrating JAL MAHOTSAV from 15th December to …