Are You Suffering From Digital Disorder

Are You Suffering From Digital Disorder, digital disorder symptoms and precautions.
digital disorder and health problems
digital disorder

What is digital disorder?

With the increasing use of technology a new type of problems is arising all over the world. Now a days people are becoming addict of using internet, social networking websites and application in laptop, desktop, mobile. Any type of hindrance in using internet cause them to become angry and disturb the life. this is called digital disorder. 

In this digital time people don't spend time with friends and family members physically but they want to interact them with applications and digital social platforms. To post comment, selfie, news is becoming a addiction for internet users. 

We can call this type of nature digital mania too means to engage with digital world 24 hours. Infact people are depriving of enjoying time with children, family members, friends etc because of this. We must understand this otherwise many types of problems may arise. 

Let's see what type of Digital Disorders are seen :Are You Suffering From Digital Disorder, digital disorder symptoms and precautions.

1. Now a days posting selfie of different places are increasing, this is becoming a mania, everywhere we can see adults, children, adolescence are taking selfie and posting in Facebook , whats-app and other messenger and they feel great when any one like, another aspect is that, if any one not get comment or like in selfie then person start feeling humiliating. Some become depressed so it is necessary to understand the reality of life that this will not make our life. If we want to live a healthy life then it is good to focus on work and study in spite of taking selfie always. 

2. A new type of behaviour is seen in children, to avoid parents talk they try to engage with video games, cartoons and other types of digital games. This is generating distance between parents and children. this type of habits are also not good for health. 

3. Some people are stick with internet all the time , this is internet addiction and is taking you away from the real relationships. 

4. Facebook addiction is also increasing, people don't want to logout from FB and when any one post , they try to put first comment and sharing, Also they want to post new things in facebook and expect people to like them. There is a competition to get more likes. Some become sad if they not get likes in there post. Isn't it rubbish only, don't play with life, it is important and there are lots of things to do. 

5. Some people are engage in playing online games which is also a type of digital disorder, avoid this type of things, it is ruining our life. 

Let's See Some Disadvantages of Digital Disorder:

1. Person become uncomfortable if not get proper arrangement to access internet.
2. People are becoming short tempered. 
3. Gap in relationships are seen due to digital disorder. 
4. Back problems and indigestion is also increasing due to this. 
5. Different types of health problems, family problems, relationship problems are seen due to digital disorder. 

So take precaution and make yourself healthy and fit. 

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