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Miracles With Papers

Miracles With Papers, Bridge of papers, paper pavilion, cave of paper, Paper house, church of papers, watch store of papers, News paper house.

Papers are available world wide but very few of us has used the papers creatively. Here in this article we can see some miraculous work done by people by using papers. 

Red Paper Bridge:
papers bride of world
red paper bridge
What if we walk on paper bridge, yes! It has happened Steve Messam of Britain has built a bridge of papers over a stream. This is very beautiful as well as strong too. 

Twenty two thousand sheets were used to make this paper bridge in Lake District of Britain. It's weight is approx 4 ton. To make this bridge stones are wrapped with paper and installed finely. The main thing about this construction is that there is no bolt or glue of any kind is used, only compression technique is used to make this paper bridge.

Paper Pavilion At Los Angeles:
paper pavilion , ajab gajab khabre
pavilion made by papers
In Ball Nogues studio a very beautiful Paper pavilion is made to organize a music festival. More than 1 ton paper was used to make this pavilion. It is the result of 5 year experiment. 

You can read about this marvellous design here.

Paper Cave In Japan:
office made by paper
paper cave
Again a miraculous construction done by japanese architect kotaro horiuchi.  It is actually a office which is created by glass fibre paper. 

Paper House In Berlin:
house of paper in Berlin
berlin paper house
Two architect of Berlin name Ben and Danier has used the recycled paper to make a strong and usable workplace. This is made with compressed papers which can't be destroyed by weather for long time. 

Church Made By Papers:
paper church, catholic church made by papers
paper dome

Japanese architect Shigeru Ben made a complete catholic church of papers after the earth quake of 1995. He has used paper tubes to build this church. The name of this church was "Paper Dome". 

Watch Store Of Card Boards:
TRIWA watch show room of paper
card board showroom

A Swedish watch brand TRIWA has made a unique showroom to make unique image in market and for this they have made cardboard showroom. Approx 900 cardboards tubes are used to make this showroom. This is situated in Poland at ponzen plaza shopping mall. It is cheaper and easily adjustable. 

News Paper House:
paper house in london
news papers house

In 2008 a famous artist Sumer Irek of London has made a paper house and to make this house he has collected the papers from public. 

Hope every one has enjoyed the ideas of people to make life interesting.

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Miracles With Papers, Bridge of papers, paper pavilion, cave of paper, Paper house, church of papers, watch store of papers, News paper house.

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