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Symptoms of depression, how to know that depression is affecting life, effects of depression, best ways to understand negative state of mind.
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depression symptoms
Health is the basis of living a successful life, in the absence of fit and fine body and mind it is not possible to enjoy any moment of life. So it is necessary to take care of health properly and regularly.
The world is changeable and the time is too so nothing will be same as now. Life is also changing of every one and sometimes positive changes make us happy and sometime negative changes makes us unhappy.
When negative effects increases in life then after sometime person loose patience and enter in depression zone and the main thing is that he or she is not aware of that state f mind.
Here in this article of "" let's see some changes which shows that the person may entering in depression. This article will help you to understand your own nature and also others state of mind too. 

Some Symptoms of Depression:

  1. Do you like to stay alone always- This is very dangerous feeling which is the result of negative state of mind, to stay for sometime alone is good for health but trying to stay alone always is negative state of mind and gradually makes the life hell. 
  2. Loosing weight continuously- This is also a negative symptom, Loosing weight without any proper reason may be because of negative thinking and depression. So don't avoid this situation , do introspect and find that what is that which is creating problem in life. 
  3. Over eating or Not eating- This also happens with different types of person, some persons start eating more and more in negative state of mind and some eat less. So when changes are seen in taking food then do check the feelings in mind and control them. 
  4. Remain unhappy all the time- If you are not cooperating with friends, family members, neighbours etc properly, if you are unable to adjust with any one suddenly, if nothing is satisfying you then it may be due to depression, do check your state of mind properly and take steps to come out of it.
  5. Not able to sleep properly is also a problem and may generate many diseases. Due to depression also many one are not able to take proper sleep, always thinking unusually.
  6. Fading skin colour or darkening of skin colour also happens due to depression because person enters in negative zone and don't care of the health due to which skin gets fade and darken.
So do take care of health if you want to live a happy life, every one faces problems in life and negative situations always affect our life but no need to stay in any negative state for long time otherwise it creates problems in life.

Due to depression person is unable to perform duty, job, business properly. It also affects the relationships in life, so don't get disturbed , life is precious and every moment is important.
Enjoy life, enjoy every moment, be healthy and make others healthy.

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