Categories of Blog Submission

Categories of blog submission, Topics on which blog can be made, ways to make global image, free tips.
categories in blog making
List of categories in Blog making

Blog designing is and making is not as simple as it seems and to update the blog daily is very typical, we have to keep proper knowledge of subjects and must be in touch with current affairs related to the subjects on which we are making the blog. 

To start any blog the first thig to have is the subject, if the subject is clear then other steps are needed. So here in this article I am providing categories which will help you to make blog. 

There are too many subjects in world on which blogs can be made like as one can make blog on arts and entertainment, career, activities, News, Education, Family issues, Cooking, health and fitness, hobbies, life style, philosophy, religion, Money making, politics, relationships, sports etc. 

We can further divide the categories in subcategories which will be very helpful to start blogging. 

1. Let's start with "ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT":

In this category we can make blog on Art, Design Arts, Games, Literature, Movies, Music, Performing Arts, Pop Culture, Television, visual Arts, exhibitions etc. 

2. Now we want to make blog on "CAREER AND OCCUPATIONS" then vast scope is there such as we can make blog on Accounting/Financial Services, Advertising/PR, Agriculture Architecture, Armed Forces, Arts, Banking, Child Care, Clerical, Administrative, Construction, Customer Service, Design, Education, Training, Engineering, entrepreneurial, facilities Maintenance, Financial Services, Government and private sector, Graduate Students, Health Care, High School Student, Home maker, Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Human Resources Insurance,  Pharmaceutical, Photography, Programmer, Publishing, Real Estate, Recreation,  Recruitment, Service provider, Restaurant, Retail Sales science

 Social Work, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, etc. 

Actually in career and occupations there is no limit of categories, we can write on any topic because there are different types of work in world and so write on any one. 

3. There is another good category in which we can make good and updated blog and that is in the  "INTERNET AND NEWS MEDIA", in this category we can make site on Internet Technology, Investing, Law Enforcement/Security, Legal Library Science, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing , Media Modelling, Music, News, Database management, Graphics and Design, Hardware maintenance, Mobile, Wireless technologies, Multimedia, Network Management, Operating Systems, programming Languages, Protocols, Scripting Languages, Security and Encryption, Software, Standards.

4. Another best category is "CRAFTS", in this we can make blog on Basketry, Candle making, Ceramics, Colouring, Stitching, Dyeing, Egg Art, Embroidery, Fabric Painting, knitting, Lace making, Leather working, Paper crafting, Plastic Canvas, Polymer Clay, Rubber Stamping, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Soap making, surf making, Spinning and Weaving, woodworking etc.

Read about more categories for blog making........
Categories of blog submission, Topics on which blog can be made, ways to make global image, free tips.

5. Suppose if you want to make blog on "FAMILY ISSUES" then there are also so many topics such as Adoption, Childcare, Children, domestic Violence, Family Planning, Family Reunions, Genealogy, Loss of a Child, Loss of a Parent, Loss of a Sibling, Parenting, Pregnancy, Surrogate Mothers, Teenagers etc.  

6. If you are fond of "COOKING" then this category will also help you to make a super blog, in this category we can make blog on Cooking for Kids, Entertaining Recipes, non veg recipes, veg recipes, break fast recipes, snacks, discoveries etc.

7. If you are interested in "HEALTH" field then there are many subcategories to select like as Addictions, AIDS/HIV, Chronic Diseases, psychological cases, women health, Pediatric, Pet health, Weight loss, Yoga for health, Natural ways of healing etc. 

8. There is also a very good subject related to "HOBBIES", This is also a very good topic to make blog and subcategories related to this category are Treasure hunting, tracking, travelling, books, gardening, collecting some particular things, photography, games, writing, puppetry, mimicry etc. 

9. If you are interested in "HOME AND GARDENING" then then you can make blog on landscaping, tips to make lawn and garden, pest control at home, self repairing guide, how to manage home etc.  

10. If you are from "EDUCATION" sector and want to start blog then following categories are open for you distance learning, business, history, environmental science, science, maths, natural sciences, economics, applied science etc. 

11. Another interesting subject is "SPORTS" and you can get good visitors on this topic, there are many sub categories in this like as cricket, basket ball, skating, base ball, boxing, karate, marshal art, gymnastics, hockey, motor racing, rugby, skiing, softball, swimming, table tennis, cycling, Archery, fishing, boat racing, polo, running, shooting, snowboarding, weightlifting, body building, wrestling etc. 

12. There is a great scope in "PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION" field, in this we can make blog on astrology, vastu, Tarot, Ramal vidya, islam, budhhism, jainism, philosophy, occulst sciences, spirituality, black magic, hinduism, christinity, religious rituals and there importance, etc.

13.  A very good blog can also made related to "NEWS and MAGAZINE".

14. One can also make blog related to "POLITICS" in which subjects related to social awareness, knowledge of parties can be described.

15. One can also start blog related to "RELATIONSHIP" in which articles can be written on love marriage, affairs, divorce, gay, friendship, bisexual relationship can be covered. 

16. There are other topics like eCommerce, social work, safety, non violence, waste management, water management, zoos, kids care, adult care, old age care, cyber culture, latest culture, etc. 

So there is wide scope in blogging, if any one is interested in making global image via internet then sky is the limit and deserving candidates definitely get success. After making blog you can also make it popular by using different sites and in related category.  
Categories of blog submission, Topics on which blog can be made, ways to make global image, free tips. 

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