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Blog And Blogging

What is blogging, benefits of making a blog, types of blog, why to make a blog, how to make money through blog?, FREE blog encyclopaedia.
what is blog, what is blogging, free tutorial
blog and blogging
Blogging is a way to publish information in the world of internet. It is the way to globalize our self, our products, our services etc. Use of internet is becoming popular in these days and with this blog making is also becoming popular. People from all over the world are making blog for different purposes. 

Types of Blogs:

As per the need there are different types of blogs available like as personal blog, professional blog, marketing blog, entertainment blog, service oriented blog etc.
  1. If any one is running coaching classes then he or she can make blog to publish on line tutorial to teach there students.
  2. If any one is photographer then blog to publish photos can also be made easily. 
  3. Doctor can make blog to publish the research and to make aware society about different types of diseases and treatment.
  4. If any one is master in cooking then recipe blog can be published where people can know about the ways to make different types of dishes.
  5. Wedding blog can also be made to publish the information and photographs related to the ceremony and it can be made personal. 
  6. Blog to publish any company is also made.
  7. Entertainment blog publish information related to movies, theater, stories etc.
  8. If you are running restaurant then also you can popular it through a good blog.
  9. On line shop can also be published through blog.
  10. You can also make blog to publish your ideas, concepts etc.

So practically if we see we can classified the blogs in 2 categories :

  • Public- Which are made to share information with public.
  • Personal-Which are made to share information with personal group members.


Blogging has too many benefits and so in this digital era it is becoming popular. Companies are hiring professionals to write articles for them. It has brought a new segments for job seekers.
  1. These are very dynamic and so editing is easy.
  2. Little bit knowledge of html is necessary to any one can start blogging easily.
  3. It helps to expand on line market.
  4. It is a good tool to make brand image.
  5. It also helps in market research.
  6. Visual presentation is also possible easily.
  7. It helps in saving paper, postage, time.
  8. It can be accessed globally from any where and any time.
  9. Blog is a better method of advertisement.
  10. One can start earning through professional blog.
  11. It is search engine friendly and therefore easily comes in search.
  12. Inbuilt plugins are available which can be used for better presentation.
  13. It is cost effective and also can be updated from anywhere easily.
  14. Blog is a best way to promote any business, services, products etc.
So if you want to earn on line, if you want to work globally, if you want to make a sound image in web then start blogging now. You can also take guidance from professionals. You can also hire professionals who can make blog for you.

If any one start there own blog then some core benefits which are available :

  • You don't have to pay for annual maintenance.
  • You don't have to pay to write articles.
  • You can update information at any time and from anywhere.
  • You can also earn by placing advertisements on the blog. 
There are lots of benefits, there are lots of opportunities, there are lots of ways to learn and earn. You have to take step only and sky is the limit for you.

Have a grand success.
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What is blogging, benefits of making a blog, types of blog, why to make a blog, how to make money through blog?, FREE blog encyclopaedia.

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