How To Prevent Ourselves From MOBILE FRAUD

How To Prevent Ourselves From MOBILE FRAUD, how to perform secure mobile transaction, Free tips to prevent mobile fraud, smart mobile phone fraud.
mobile fraud cases and prevention tips
Mobile Fraud Prevention tips
Mobile has become our necessity because now all the services are available through mobile so now with it has included in basic need. This is why we can easily see a person who is not able to get a healthy bread and butter is maintaining a mobile. 
With the increase use of mobile FRAUD related to it has also increased too much. Now a very important question is what is "Mobile Fraud"?
We can say that when anyone else take the advantage of our mobile against our wish in a tricky way then it comes under the mobile fraud. It is a crime which generally criminal minded persons performs to fulfil there wishes.
Now a days no one is untouched from this type of scam, general people comes under the impact of this in any way. 
Increase use of mobile banking, increase use of mobile shopping, increase use of surfing through mobile, increase in download through mobile etc are responsible for increasing mobile fraud. 
Types of Mobile Scams Takes Place Daily:

CASE 1 of Mobile Fraud:
Let's see a very simple case happened "a fresher who was searching for a good job suddenly got an SMS that he has been selected for an interview in a very reputed company and to appear in this interview he has to deposit Ten thousand in the bank account, The boy contacted the number given in the sms and found that person is responding and communicating confidently, after getting assurance the boy has deposited the amount and next day when he called on the same number , he found it not responding and out of coverage area".
This type of things are general and criminal minded people are taking good advantages of the excited mind and emotions of people. Only awareness is the best way to save ourselves from mobile fraud.

CASE 2 of Mobile Fraud: 
People also get messages that "you have won lottery and to get it contact at this number", when person contact then after sometimes he also suffers from financial loss.

CASE 3 of Mobile Fraud:
People also get call from fake banking persons and they say that "they are from bank and want the password to renew the debit or credit card, this is also a fraud, daily some one lost money is this type of case.

CASE 4 of Mobile Fraud:
Some people get missed calls from any number from abroad and when they call back, amount deducted from the main balance, it is also a fraud. So never respond to any unknown number from abroad.

CASE 5 of Mobile Fraud :
Text message reply fraud is another important type of scam which is very common, some sms contains the suggestions to reply through sms to a particular number and the rates are higher than common sms charge.

CASE 6 of Mobile Fraud:
Ringtone fraud is a very common way to take out money from the mobile user and here the strange fact is that the sim company itself do this type of activities.
Cunning people, vicious persons don't leave a single chance to be-fool innocent persons so beware of every thing.

FREE Tips To Prevent Mobile Banking Fraud:
How To Prevent Ourselves From MOBILE FRAUD, how to perform secure mobile transaction, Free tips to prevent mobile fraud, smart mobile phone fraud.

Here in '', free tips are given which will save you from being cheated by fake peoples.
  1. Do not respond to any missed-call from abroad.
  2. Always keep your mobile locked and take care of it in any case, don't share the password with any one and change the password time to time.
  3. Don't respond to any call if asking for ATM pin or email password or credit card password etc. Don't share any secret information to anyone. No company ever ask like this.
  4. If you lost your mobile which is connected with your banking services or any other important services then immediately make complaint and block the sim and mobile.
  5. Scan your mobile time to time for virus. 
  6. Don't start download from any sources, first of all check the site and know about it otherwise there is a danger of virus attack.
  7. Beware when you are in public wifi zone. If not necessary then do off the WiFi option.
  8. Do not connect your mobile with any public computer in cyber cafe or any other place. There is a great risk.
  9. Keep your mobile carefully when you are wandering in any public place.
  10. Keep the mobile away from the reach of your children too because they don't understand the importance of mobile.
  11. Do keep the internet option off when not necessary. 
  12. Also do keep off the auto download options.
In this way we can prevent ourselves from the mobile fraud and save our selves from heavy losses.

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How To Prevent Ourselves From MOBILE FRAUD, how to perform secure mobile transaction, Free tips to prevent mobile fraud, smart mobile phone fraud.

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