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Visiting Places In Ujjain

Visiting places of Ujjain in "", Best places to visit in awantika nagri, Ujjain bazars. 
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places to see in ujjain

In "" we are presenting the list of visiting places in Ujjain and Nearby Area so that visitors can make there every moment joyful and blessed ful, peaceful and successful. 

Let's Start With Some World Famous Temples In Ujjaini:

Temple Of Lord Shiva(Mahakaleshwar) :
If you have problems of health, if you are suffering from any type of problems in life , if you are suffering from any type of negative energies then Mahakaleshwar is there to bless you. This is the world famous temple and for the decades sages and scholars are performing spiritual practices here. Thousands of Devotees from world over come here daily to take the blessings of mahakaleshwar. It is one of the 12 jyotirlingam.
The Shivling is situated in a Garbh Grih i.e. in a cave and to worship devotees has to pass through a long way in a queue.

Temple of Goddess Durga(Harsiddhi):
Mata harsiddhi is the kuldevi of king vikramaditya and one can feel the power of goddess when enter in the premises of this temple. The almighty goddess is worshipped regularly here and so the place is energized with the spells. Divine peace is here, divine energy is there. In navratris Deep shikha is lightened which enhances the beauty of this place. 
As per shiv mahapuran, elbow of sati is dropped here and so it is a powerful shakti sadhna center. Harsiddhi mata blessed the devotees to perform there spiritual practices successfully. 

Temple Of lord Ganesha(Chintaman Ganesh):
About 5 kilometer from ujjain, there is a famous ganesh temple known as chintaman ganesh, actually here ganesha is placed with his wife riddhi and siddhi and the idol are believed to be come itself from earth. It is a very old temple and devotees found there wish fulfilled here by visiting and taking blessings of chintaman. lord ganesha is vighn harta, dukh harta so to remove hurdles of life it is good to visit this divine place in ujjain. 

Temple Where Liquer Is Drunk By God(KaalBhairav Temple):
A very mysterious temple where you can see personally that god is drinking liquer, science has no answer of this question that where the liquer goes. This khalbhairav temple of ujjain is a place to perform tantra sadhna. Just near by kalbhairav there is Vikrant Bhairav which is present in cremation ground/shamshaan, Sadhna is being performed regularly here by tantra practitioners. 

Bhrathuri Caves:
If you want to see that how bhrathari has performed his tapasya in a dense forest before hundreds of years then visit bhruthari caves, a natural place where caves are made to perform tapasya. 
It is believed that way to Chaar dhaam is there inside the caves. If any one has breathing problem or asthama then you should avoid entering in these caves because there is lack of oxygen inside. 

Temple Of Goddess Kali(Gadhkalika):
Visiting places of Ujjain in "", Best places to visit in awantika nagri, Ujjain bazars. 

Again a divine place of goddess mahakali in Ujjain, Here also devotees offer liquer with different bhogas. This is a place to perform shakti aradhna. Devotees of mata comes from different places of world to take blessings of mata kali. It is very near to the Bhrathari caves. 

A Place To Perform Rituals For The Salvation Of Souls(Siddhavat):
Just like gaya, kashi tirth , ujjain also keeps importance to perform the pind daan, tarpan etc for the souls. Siddhwat is that place which is situated at the bank of river kshipra and devotees pray here for the mukti of souls. 
There is vat vriksh i.e. banyan tree and it is believed that when mughal emperor cut this tree and covered with iron sheets then this tree come out by breaking the iron sheets and so the tree is said to be the divine tree and fulfil the wishes of devotees. Siddhavat is situated in Bhairavgarh just approx 5 kilometer from Ujjain. 

Kaliadeh Palace :
If you visit this place in rainy days then no doubt you will have a meorable moments with you, a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the nature. Here there is 52 Kund which are said to be sacred and this place is said to be hunted and haunted people are brought here to treat. Here there is a very ancient Sun temple which is now damaged hardly. 

Birth Place Of Mars(Mangalnath Temple):
If you are interested to visit a place where the Mars took birth then this is the temple known as Mangalnath mandir. It is about 5 minutes far from Siddhawat and people perform mangal puja here to remove the mangal dosha in kundli. 

Study Place Of Shree Krishna(Sandipani Ashram):
Awantika nagri also has its educational importance and so the incarnition of lord vishnu i.e. krishna came here to study. When you enter in sandipani ashram then you will find see the sacred and peaceful environment which is charged by the names of krishna. You will see the photographs showing the memoris of old days there. There is a sacred pond in the premises of ashram, shiva temple. 

Bazar Area Of Ujjain(GopalMandir):
If you want to see a beautiful architectural structures and want to see the bazars of Ujjain then visit the gopal mandir area, you will get everything which you want for you here, spiritual books bazar, gift bazar, food bazar, jewelry bazar, kapda bazar, bartan bazar, every types of bazars are present in gopal mandir area. You will definitely enjoy this area when you visit Ujjain. 

A Place To Worship Navagrah with Shani Deva(Triveni):
There is a ghat in Ujjain approx 7 kilometer from Ujjain near the bank of river kshipra where a famous shani temple is present and also navagrah temples are there. The place is called Triveni because 3 rivers meet here. 
We can find a large mob on shani amavasya, no moon night, shani jayanti etc. 

Former president Late Shri APK abdul Kalam has inaugrated the famous taramandal in Ujjain and you can enjoy the journey in stars here. It is opened in evening from 4 pm. 

Ramghat In Ujjain:
A place to take holy bath is ramghat , here you can get kshipra river and perform your prayers after taking holy bath. You can also visit different temples in ram ghat like ganga temple, naag temple, dutt akhada etc. 

A Place To Make Mathematical Calculation For Making Panchang(Observatory):
If you know about jantar-mantar then in Ujjain you can also get Jantar Mantar/observatory. There are only 4 observatories in India and one of them is in Awantika nagri.

Some Other Visiting Places are Bhooki mata mandir, nagarkot maharani temple, ram janardan mandir, gayatri shaktipeeth ujjain, peer matsyandranath samadhi, hamukhedi mata tekri. kshir sagar, gaya kota tirth, etc. 

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Visiting places of Ujjain in "", Best places to visit in awantika nagri, Ujjain bazars.


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