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General Mistakes Which Beginners Do In Share Market

General Mistakes Which Beginners Do In Share Market, how one can suffer with huge loss in share market, what points to keep in mind before investing in stock market, free tutorial.
free tips for share trading in India
points to keep in mind while investing

Have you decided to enter in stock market, are you dreaming to become a millionaire from share market, do you want to be a successful trader then following article will work as an eye opener. It is not as easy as it sounds. Only alert mind, focused eyes, decisive mind can take maximum benefits from the share market.

We heard generally that following person has crashed and now finished in share trading, following person has become rich from share trading and so on, so we can't ignore the chance of getting rich and getting finish. Everything depends upon the type of decision which one is taking at the time of trading.

Stock market is an open global market and no one can predict it, so don't ever try to predict it so it is better to make ourself safe and not to take any decision in hurry.

Lakhs of people have there lakhs of ideas and no one is perfect, so we also cannot ignore the part of luck here.

There are some some general mistakes which  is done not only by beginners but also by experienced people too. So read about them and make yourself aware about every thing.

Investment is never bad if done properly but don't be a part of crowd and don't play like a blind who is having eyes. You must know your limit, you must know the risk taking capacity, you must have patience to not flow with the trend at once.

Share market is a very temptative market and masters can loose there patience so don't be over confident and be ware of the feelings which are going within your mind regularly.

Let me give you an example of how one of my friend looses money in 5 minutes - He bought a 200 shares of a very good company when market starts going down, but soon with in seconds it has fallen much then expected so to maintain average he has bought 200 shares more, but bad-luck again within few seconds market crashed and he was forced to buy more to maintain average, within 5 minutes he has lost his limit and there was nothing in his hand. He was compelled to sold the shares in loss.

This is actually a very small incidence but people do this in lakhs and no doubt profit also comes in lakhs but loss also is unbearable. So be ware about your limit and decisions.

General Mistakes In Share Market Which Can Make Life Hell:
It is also a truth that it is very difficult to control the mind in environment but it is not impossible and since you are interested to trade in share market so following points will help you to keep yourself safe and secure.
  1. Don't follow any trend because there is no hard and fast rule for share market, Millions of people are trading and we can't predict the mind so any thing is possible. So don't trade blindly.
  2. Don't underestimate the news, rumors etc because market changes with in seconds because of any rumors and gossip. Keep any eye on market happenings, political changes, etc.
  3. Trade only as per your limit and capacity, don't behave under influence of others. If your friend is buying lot of Ten thousand then don't copy him, just buy less as per your pocket power and limit as there is not perfect rules of market trend.
  4. Think for long term in-spite of short term investment, by this you can minimize risk.
  5. Study the company details deeply before investing so that you may not suffer in long run.
  6. Never borrow to invest in share market, this is a very bad idea to invest in a market which is not predictable. Many persons are suffering because of there this habit.
  7. Keep in mind that you are not perfect, this will help you to invest in a limit. Generally a perfect swimmer sink in rivers , it is heard mainly so over confidence is a very bad thing. Avoid this behaviour, be a learner always.
  8. Don't hold for huge profits, as we cannot predict market so make small profits which will become big in long run. Don't wait for huge at once.
  9. Don't expect profit at once, allow your mind to wait for some days and then sell or buy to gain profit.

Share market is a good place to earn huge and can fulfill the dream of getting rich but needs patience and alert mind. Study daily about this and enhance your knowledge regularly which will certainly help you to become rich through share market.

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General Mistakes Which Beginners Do In Share Market, how one can suffer with huge loss in share market, what points to keep in mind before investing in stock market, free tutorial.


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