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How To Earn Daily From Share Market ?

How to earn 500 rupees daily from stock market,  Different TRICKS to earn from share market, best ways to gain profit from Indian share bazaar.
How To Earn Daily From Share Market ?
In the earlier articles of Indian bazaars(, we have already read about what are shares, how to buy them, what point to keep in mind while trading etc. In this article we will read about “How to earn daily from Share Market”?.
Some people ask about –
  • Is it possible to earn 500 daily from share market?
  • Is it possible to earn 1000 Rs. Daily from stock market?
  • Making profit from Indian share bazaar is so much easy?
  • How to earn from Indian stock market daily.
  • Can we make share trading a good earning source?

Many questions like this is moving in mind of people who read news of stock exchange, share bazaar in news paper, TV channels etc. 

Is it possible to earn 500 daily from share market?
The answer of this question is  BOTH Yes and No. If you know the trend of any company listed in stock exchange then it is possible to earn 500 from trading daily, on the other hand if you want to gamble directly without having any knowledge of stock market then it is possible to lose every penny. 
So How to Earn daily from Share Market?
Traders use many types of techniques to earn daily from stock market, some are given below –
  1. Suppose any good news related to any company is published then traders buy the shares of that company in pre market or opening market and sell them as soon as the price go up. For e.g. some days before positive news of reliance industry came and great jump took place in price of Reliance communication shares. Prices jump to 20 rupees in same day from rs.12. Those who bought shares on that day earn heavily on that day. So by keeping an eye on news of companies we can earn daily from share  bazaar. 
  2. Second way is to trade in Highly volatile Shares i.e. some shares goes up and down very frequently same day. Although it is very risky to trade in these shares and need great experience. If you take right buying and selling decision in right time then no doubt you can make money daily from these companies. For example if any company moves 2 or 3 rupees daily then by study the trend of that company we can daily make profit. For this it is necessary to buy the shares near bottom rate, with this quantity of shares is also important.
  3. Next trick to earn from stock market is to choose 2 or 3 companies in which daily ups and down takes place. Buy the shares of these companies and if rate goes up do sell and bring out the profit but if not then sell on next day. Buy the other company and sell it on next day and by adopting this trick we can make money regularly.
  4. There is another trick which traders use and i.e. sell shares in opening market and buy when it sleeps. Suppose if any negative news published in news paper of any company then experience traders sell the shares and then buy it when price falls. For example suppose if we have sold 500 shares of 50 rupees and it’s price falls down to 49 then by buying at that price we will be able to earn 500 on same day.

Keep in mind that there is no HARD AND FAST rule to earn from share trading. As your experience will increase, you will be able to earn more and more. It is necessary to keep patience to earn regularly from share bazaar. 

Is it possible to earn Profits From Share Market Easily?
The answer of this question is that if your study is good about stock market then by taking risk you can earn easily, don’t jump in market without having proper knowledge otherwise you may bear heavy loss. 
Adopt Some Habits To Make Money From Share Bazaar?

  1. Do read news papers daily about national and international news and also do keep an eye on market. By this you can easily understand the movements in market. 
  2. Do watch the TV channels which give regular updates about stock exchanges.
  3. Do enhance your knowledge by visiting good websites daily.
  4. Do gain knowledge from experience people who are making money for long time from stock market. 
  5. Whenever you want to enter in share market do start with less amount. Do move ahead by earning gradually. 
  6. Do keep an eye on the political changes, financial announcement, govt. announcements etc. These announcement and changes make the market volatile. 

So by keeping patience and gaining knowledge do make money daily from money market.

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