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Foods Dangerous For Sexual Power

Foods killing sex power, why not to eat some food to enhance sex power, foods that affect sex drive.
Foods killing sex power, why not to eat some food to enhance sex power, foods that affect sex drive.
Don't use these foods to save sex power
 People generally complains regarding not having proper sex in night and this create a negative impressions in mind. Personal life also get affected because of this, people use different types of medicines to enhance there sex drive but there is a very important things which we generally ignore because of lack of knowledge.

Do you know that –

Some foods are very dangerous for sex power and if we take it in dinner then our sex drive become low. Strange but it is true. In this article we are going to read about those foods which kills our sex power.
There is no need to take pills or medicine which makes us weak from within, if we take some precautions while taking our dinner then it will naturally help to gain sex power.

Here are some Food which help to LOOSE LIBIDO OR SEXUAL URGE:

Sometimes it happen that one of the partner is in good mood but another is not interested. Some gives different types of excuses like no mood, lot of stress, not having proper sleep, not the right time etc. but sometimes it is due to the food we take in dinner which affects our hormones negatively. By knowing about them we are able to live a good night life with partner.
  1. Cold Drink-  We all know that cold drinks contains artificial sweetener, carbon-dioxide which give reliefs only for a while but weakens our organs and affect our power negatively. So avoid it as soon as possible if you are addicted of this.
  2. Chocolates- you are surprising by reading that why chocolate is taking in this article but want to clear that research shows that only DARK CHOCOLATES are good and enhance the feeling of love , others are not good for sexual power. So choose dark chocolates always. The lighter chocolates affect the level of TESTOSTERONE. Low testosterone means low sex drive and high means good sex urge.
  3. Stop using Mint before going for sex drive – This is a very common thinking that before going for sexual activities people generally take mint in mount to remove smell of any kind but again lack of knowledge reduce the sexual urge here because mint lowers down the level of testosterone and person loose the libido.
  4. Avoid eating fast food in night – In todays life we are habitual of using fast food regularly because these are tasty and made very easily but the negative points about fast foods are that they are very good source of TRANS-FAT and sodium which lowers down the sexual desires and also affect the immune system badly. Male and females who are habitual of taking fast food daily have weak orgasm.
  5. Avoid Using Lower Plastic Bottles and Vessels – Lower plastic bottles contains harmful chemicals which added when we put any liquid or any food in it, when a person take it then immune systems gets affected , with this FERTILITY  also gets affected. So don’t use them for better and successful healthy life.
  6.  Avoid Using Coffee- coffee contains caffeine which makes your alert and gives feeling of freshness but you will be amazed to know that caffeine lowers down the sex time.
  7. Avoid using dairy products in evening – because in these days to get maximum milk, paneer, cheese etc businessmen are using injection and making all the products artificially which is not at all healthy and affect the level of oestrogen and testosterone in men and women. So if you want good sex urge and time then do avoid them in dinner.
  8. Avoid some smelly vegetables- Some vegetables like onions, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc are not unhealthy but there smells comes from urine, mouth, sweat. So by avoiding them in night we can make our night life better.
  9. Avoid using pills to enhance sex power without consulting good doctor- This is strange but true that generally anti-depression medicines are given to people who want to enhance there sex life but there are major problems of these too. So do consult doctor openly before taking them otherwise in long run you may face major side effects.
  10. Avoid Using Canned Food- These are having preservatives like sodium in high amount which affect the health adversely, so if you want to control your blood pressure and want to enjoy sex life naturally and longer then avoid these.
  11. Avoid using Alcohol before going to bed- Excessive alcohol takes the mind into a over relaxation state and so men may face problem in erection, with this alcohol also affect the organs negatively. Fertility of person also gets affected. So avoid it if you are addicted as soon as possible to have good sex life. 
 So if you are having desire, passion to get good sex life then it is necessary to adopt some natural ways and avoid some foods which directly or indirectly affect our urge of sex.
Enjoy sex life naturally and for ever.

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Foods killing sex power, why not to eat some food to enhance sex power, foods that affect sex drive.

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