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Do You Have New Website or Blog ?

Do you have a new website, do you want traffic, how to popular website or blog, free tips for new website designers or bloggers.
best tips for new blogs or website, SEO tips
Free tips for new blog or website

Do you have a new website then you need to know very much about popularizing it because just making a website or blog is not enough. There is no benefit of dancing in a jungle alone if you want to get any commercial benefits. 

A blog or website is useless until it gets a good traffic because whatever return you want from website needs a good traffic, so it is necessary to have good knowledge about how to attract visitors in blog to get optimum benefits from it. 

It is a bitter truth that it is not possible to use the adwords at initial stage for every one, you must give yourself time to understand the ins and outs of blogging and website designing and then it is good to use every professional ways to get optimum benefits of your blog or website. 

Here are some FREE WAYS to popular new blog or new website :
Yes ofcourse, it is possible to globalize yourself without spending a dime on paid advertisement. Here in this article of "" free tips for web popularity is given, any one can use it freely. 

1. Use "what's app" referring, because it is widely used application and if you make a temptative line and share it in different groups then very soon you will be able to get traffic in your new blog or new website. You can also use other chatting and sharing app like "instagram", "wechat", "hike" etc. 

2. Use the social networking like facebook, linkedin, pinterest, twitter. Publish your blog or website in groups as much as possible but wait don't post your link simply but make a visual ads about the benefits of your article or website and then give your link with that image, this will sure attract visitors to enter in your blog or website. 

3. Collect the email addresses of your friends and colleagues etc and send them your website or blog link, ask them to check and suggest you to make it better and also take there comments also ask them to share it in different platforms with which they are associated. 

4. Put Subscribe Button in your blog or website, by this you will get increasing traffic daily, whenever you make post, it will be deliver to there email which will definitely increase the traffice on daily basis if you update your site or blog daily. 

5. Make Research on web continuously and find the companies or people for whom your website become important, collect there emails and send your link with the details, do this daily and sure you will get traffic. 

6. Try to get back links of best blogs or best websites, you can get it by approaching directly to the admin of that blogs or sites or by inserting good comments in there website with the link of yours. 
Do you have a new website, do you want traffic, how to popular website or blog, free tips for new website designers or bloggers.

7. If you know deeply about Search engines then you can easily share your blog or site in Google search engine, MSN, Yahoo search engine, Ask Me etc. You can get the list of World Best Search Engines Here.

8. Make use of some temptative lines in website or blogs so that visitors may get stick with your blog and compelled to come again and again to see what is new. Use the Bold, italics, underline, colors facilities in an interesting way.

9. If you have your website or blog with a good domain name then also don't feel lazy to make your blogs in free blog builders and share your main website or blog link there. It will help you a lot to appear in different search engines very soon. 

So if you are new in website designing field or blogging then be ready to do a creative hard world to beat the online world.  Don't forget that "sky is the limit" for hard and creative workers. 

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Do you have a new website, do you want traffic, how to popular website or blog, free tips for new website designers or bloggers, 100% free ways of blog popularity.

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