Lowest Price High Volume Shares

One year lowest stock to invest, best low value share companies to invest, list of companies for investment.
nse , bse high volume and low price shares list of Indian share market
low price shares

While taking decision to invest in share market it is very necessary to analyse the shares which are at its lowest rate in last 12 months. Here you will come to know about some shares which are having lowest rate and so there is a very chance that to get return more in short term. 

But only by seeing the companies name in list , it is not good to invest but do find the companies details before finally investing in them. You can also select companies as per there grade like A grade companies, B grade companies etc.

You can also choose sectors for investing like as banking sectors, steels and aluminium sectors, gas companies, fmcg companies, auto-mobiles companies, telecommunication companies, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals companies, real estate, information technology etc. 

A Simple Rule To Understand:
It is a simple rule that if any company is touching the lowest rate then it will start increasing and also if any company is growing well then it may start downward. But it is very dangerous to follow this rule in share market because we don't know the exact downward trend of any company so the investment will be depend totally at your own risk taking factor. 

For example suppose Hindalco company is touching its lowest rate i.e. 69 INR today but it is not necessary that it will not go down, it may be possible that it may go more down and touch another lowest of the year. So here the decision to invest or not totally depend upon your own risk taking factors.

Some points must be kept in mind while dealing with lowest rate companies:

  1. Find the reasons behind downfall of company.
  2. Know about the rumors about that company.
  3. Know about the annual report of company.
  4. Know about the decisions which are taking in meetings.
  5. Also study the related factors with the company.
NSE and BSE:
It is also necessary to study both national stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange so as to know the exact trends of companies and final rate. Then you will be able to take real decision where to invest. 

Now List of Some Companies which are at 32 week lowest rate:

EDUCOMP Educomp Solutions Limited
KANANIIND Kanani Industries Limited
MOSERBAER Moser-Baer (I) Limited
NAGAROIL Nagarjuna Oil Refinery Limited
PIRPHYTO Piramal Phytocare Limited
RCOM Reliance Communications Limited
SABEVENTS Sab Events & Governance Now Media Limited
SABTN Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Limited
SHILPI Shilpi Cable Technologies Limited
SUJANAUNI Sujana Universal Industries Limited
TTML Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited
TVVISION TV Vision Limited
UNITY Unity Infraprojects Limited

One year lowest stock to invest, best low value share companies to invest, list of companies for investment.

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